Up & Away

Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon. I feel on top of the world, this is the most exciting and majestic way to travel, looking down at my little watermill home, the fields, woodlands and towns as I float by.

Ballooning fills me with passion and excitement at the prospect of my next culinary expedition. Whither next, I wonder, in quest of that perfect dish? Check out my travel log to see where I have been so far and my next destination will soon be added to the log...



Hello and welcome to my cosy office that I share with Duck, my rather talkative parrot. This is where you can phone me or send me a good old fashioned letter. It is also here you can see where my friends and customers are based who buy and sell my delectable recipes.

If you would like to know what exciting things I am planning, take a look in my diary: it is full of fabulous ideas and events. Now, it must be time for tea and a light snack... Duck keeps shouting 'TEA TIME' in my ear, and he is most particular about his handful of pumpkin seeds at 4 o'clock.



This is my kitchen where I experiment and concoct my new ideas for recipes that are truly original and quintessentially different. It is here that I cook, sizzle, shake and craft my new recipes into perfection. I am helped, as ever, by my faithful dog Mac - head of quality control!



Recently I found a pile of old recipes belonging to my Uncle Archibald. The sights and smells from my adventures around the world started whirling round in my head and ideas began to fuse, creating a fantastic blend of traditional tastes with fresh flavours collected on my travels.

Now I'm the creator of a whole heap of gorgeously tasty snacks.

My Watermill home has become my workshop and I'd like to invite you in to share my greatest taste inventions. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Hello I'm Mr Filbert.

I make the most delicious nut snacks and dressings in my watermill. Take a look!

Flavours from around the world

Please do have a look around my watermill home at all the really interesting, award winning snacks we produce. Each recipe is also gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians.



My workshop is where my inventive ideas come alive. Weighing, mixing, roasting and tumbling the finest exotic and locally grown ingredients - I love surprising my friends with freshly invented, intriguing and delicious flavours. Have I told you the story about the time I made sticky toffee waffle hazelnut surprise for Blanche Arbuthnut?... No... well maybe later!...

So, please come in and explore my workshop, investigate the ingredients I used to create my splendid snacks and drizzles, but watch out for Mac and Duck my little friends....they are around here somewhere, probably trying to sneak a few titbits. Duck is always after the pumpkin seeds!